The Penak Group Realty

REALTOR® , The Penak Group Realty
Nationally recognized for her sales and marketing accomplishments, Gay Penak has a drive and...
REALTOR® , The Penak Group Realty
Forty years in sales and marketing with a Fortune 50 company helped Bill develop...
REALTOR® , The PENAK Group Realty
“There is no higher honor than serving my clients with the utmost honesty and...
REALTOR® , The PENAK Group Realty
Andrea ONeal has spent a career in sales of various types. Beginning at Merrill...

Our Mission Statement

To Contribute
We are committed to making a significant effort and contribution to raise the level of respect and professionalism in the Residential Real Estate Industry.
To Educate
We are committed to allocating 20% of our available sales and marketing time educating and assisting first-time home buyers with the complex process of purchasing their first home.
To Exceed Expectations
We are committed to conducting ourselves in a manner that exceeds the expectations of our clients and positions us to be called on for repeat business and referrals. This includes our fellow agents.
To Give Back
We are committed to giving back to and supporting our community. We want to be recognized for making a difference.

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